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Is the PM right to send out 30,000,000 letters.

  • Yes - he is doing the right thing.

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  • No - for the sake of the planet.

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  • I don't really care.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson is writing to every UK household to urge Brits to stay home in fight against coronavirus (Covid-19)
At a cost of £5.8 million letters will land on 30 million doorsteps along with a leaflet spelling out the Government's advice after much public confusion.
This seems a waste of time and money.....Covid-19 is the only item on the news nowadays, why bother with the letters, save the money and more to the point the trees!!!
30 million letters works out approx to be 60,000 packs of printer paper not mention the envelope , the energy to print, the ink and all the fuel in moving mail and paper to printing factories.......so to sum it up.
30,000,000 leters plus envelope.
That's 60,000 packs of printer paper.
Weighting 780 ton so double the paper weight to allow for the envelope and the included probably colour flyer so 1560 ton in all.
Just to move the above would take 50 or so artic trucks, thats just one way to the printing factory.
Maybe up to 80 large trees would be needed to be cut down.
And guess what after all that it will be end up a recycling center.
Some people feel that Covid-19 is Mother Nature's way of culling the human race because of the damage we are doing to her planet.
Well here is a classic example of that.....What is the PM thinking.
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