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  1. KevB

    Mr Trump

    I do like Marmite but couldn't eat a whole jar. He has more balls than most of the other politicians around so its a thumbs up from me, may be he could come to UK and sort things out. :giggle:
  2. KevB

    Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk

    If they are like the Mayor of London they will probably be on a holiday some where.
  3. KevB

    Another money pit

    So many people get paid so so much to so so little.
  4. KevB

    Brexit - Yep 2 years or so and nothing?

    The whole lot of them a complete waste of space, not to mention the money this shower of sh*t cost.
  5. KevB

    Can the mayor of London Sadiq Khan be sacked..?

    I don't think he is ever there!!......except for stopping Mc Donalds advertising on the under ground Most places you have to walk past Mc Donalds or KFC to get to the under ground station. He is such a waste of space..there must be someone who can do the job well. It's not him.