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  1. administrator

    Mr Trump

    He did offer to sort the whole Brexit thing out over the phone....She did'nt listen silly really just a 2 min call to say "Tell the EU to piss off" I am sure that if Mr Trump was the PM he would had them eating out of his hand.
  2. administrator

    Mr Trump

    He is like Marmite.....you either love it or hate it. I feel he has accomplished a lot, not to every ones liking - He shoots from the hip which is a good thing. A one man army.
  3. administrator

    Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk

    I know the EU is a big place....do they have any other Politicians regarding Brexit..if so what are they doing. Other than the 2 mentioned above?? Not much I fear.
  4. administrator

    Has Mrs May done her best

    I think she has tried hard to get a deal together....but sadly not many people (Politicians) have helped her instead she has been slammed at every point. Not to mention the Boys from Brussels. United you stand...divided you fall. what bit do people like Jeremy Corbyn and Boris and the rest of...
  5. administrator

    Can the mayor of London Sadiq Khan be sacked..?

    He should have been sacked a long long time ago..... I can't think to hand anything good that he has done, the complete opposite.